The Miracle League of Southwestern PA

Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play

Adult Division

The following rules are for the Adult Division:

  • For players who are 18 years old before May 1st.
  • This is a non-competitive division.
  • A game consists of two innings in which all players bat each inning.
  • Batters can hit off a tee or from a Coach pitcher.
  • If choosing to hit from a Coach pitcher, the batter will be switched to a tee if failing to make contact after six pitches.
  • Batters will bat until the ball is put in play.? There will be no strikeouts or walks.? Players are never called “Out”
  • All players get to circle the bases to score a run each inning.
  • Batting helmets are optional
  • Buddies are optional for a player.
  • An umpire covers each game to call players safe on 1st baase and Home.
  • The score is tied after each inning no matter how many players are on each team.
  • Teams consist of no more than 14 players.
  • All players bat each inning.
  • Games will be played on Tuesday evenings at 7:00PM.? Batting practice begins 15 minutes prior to each game.? Games last between 60 to 75 minutes.
  • In the event of a rainout, or the addition of more teams, games may be played on Wednesday evenings.
  • There is a nominal registration fee per adult.? Scholarships are available upon request.
  • We are committed to enabling all special needs adults to participate in the Miracle League.? Any issues with funding transportation or caregiver time should not prevent an adult from playing.? Please contact us to discuss how we can provide the necessary help to enable an adult to experience the joy and excitement of being a member of a Miracle League team.
  • See the rules that are the same for all Miracle League Divisions.