The Miracle League of Southwestern PA

Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play

Common Rules

The following information is the same for all divisions in the Miracle League.

  • Have fun!!!!!
  • All games are played at the Miracle League Field at Graham Park in Cranberry Township, PA.
  • The Miracle League Field has a rubberized, all weather surface that is wheelchair accessible.
  • The Miracle League season consists of a spring session and fall session.
  • The spring session consists of 8 games from mid-May to early-July.
  • The fall session consists of 6 games from mid-August to mid-October.
  • Every effort will be made to makeup cancelled games due to weather.
  • The Miracle League is made up of three Divisions:
    • Miracle Division.
    • Youth Division.
    • Adult Division.
  • All players and volunteers must register to participate.
  • Every effort will be made to meet requests by players and volunteers.
  • All equipment (bats, balls, tee, etc) are provided by the Miracle League.
  • Players are encourage to bring their own glove.
  • Each team?s coaching staff will have a Manager, Coach(es), Buddy Team Leader(s), and Team Parent(s).
  • Players receive a team uniform shirt and hat for the season.
  • Managers and Coaches receive a team uniform shirt and hat for the season.
  • Buddy Team Leaders and Buddies receive a Buddy T-shirt.
  • Players receive a trophy at the end of the spring session.
  • Players and volunteers have the option to participate in Photo Day during the spring session.
  • Buddies are involved in the game for these three reasons:
    • Protect the players.
    • Assist the player, but only as needed allowing the player the opportunity to play as much as possible.
    • Encouragement and friendship.