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Seneca Valley Raider-THON raises $19,258.92 for MLSWPA

Raiderthon 1

The Miracle League of Southwestern Pa. is located in the Seneca Valley School District. Seneca Valley?s nickname is the Raiders. On April 18, the student council from Seneca Valley held a Raider-thon. The event ran from 8:00 PM – 8:00 AM. Over 230 students stayed up all night dancing, playing games, dodge ball, line dancing and much more, all in an effort to raise money for the Miracle League.
We had several board members attend the first ever Raider-thon at different times throughout the night and into the morning to help the students keep pushing towards the finish line.
Our own Fred Roberts, manager of the Scrappers, was kind enough to come and talk to the students Sunday morning during the final hour. Well done Fred and many thanks for getting up extra early on your day off.
The outcome was more than anyone could have hoped. The students raised $19,258.92. I?m not sure the students realized just how much they have helped our players but it was a tremendous event and very much appreciated.
There were several sponsors who donated food, drinks and snacks to help the students get through the night. When 8:00 AM rolled around there was a whole bunch of snacks left over and since Tim Schade, our announcer and umpire coordinator, and Fred Roberts were still on hand, Seneca Valley gave all the snacks to the Miracle League. Our storage shed is full of snacks.
After each game, many teams get together and share a team snack. As always, we encourage teams to continue the snack tradition but this season there isn?t a need to buy anything. Please feel free to use the snacks in the shed for the players after the games. There is a wide assortment from which to choose. Take what you need and then put the rest back for the next team. We very well may have leftovers after the season.
If you have any Seneca Valley buddies on your team, ask them about the night and thank them for their efforts.